Etheric Crystal Light

As co-founder of Etheric Elements, I am honored to help bring these healing products into practitioner offices as well as homes.  Please visit our website for more information.

Contact me to learn more about color, light and crystal therapy.  Our light is available for special functions, wellness fairs and other events.

Combining the benefits of color, light and crystal therapies, produces beneficial stimulation on both the physical and energetic levels. Color and light therapies trace their roots back to ancient times. Scientific study has moved light and color therapy out of the mystical and into the realm of the scientific.

What to expect  during your session


Etheric Crystal Healing Light Therapy is non-invasive. Simply remove your shoes and lie fully clothed on a massage table.  Each of the lamps is aligned over the corresponding chakra.  A cover is placed over the eyes and soft music is played while you relaxes and opens themselves to receiving the energy of the light and crystals.


No matter what your experience, it is advisable to rest after an Etheric Crystal

Healing session in order to let your body ealign and balance itself.  It is also

recommended to drink several glasses of water throughout the rest of the day to aid your body in removing toxins which tend to be released as your body balances itself.


Etheric Crystal Healing Light Therapy can be combined with Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing for a heightened experience.

Session Fees

$1 per minute, 15 minute minimum Light Only

$2 per minute, 30 minute minimum includes additional chakra balancing services with crystals with light Therapy​

$2 per minute, 30 minute minimum including Tibetan Bowl Chakra balancing with Light Therapy

Appointments available in Hamden, Connecticut

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