During a session, clients are guided to releasing long-suppressed traumas, connections, blockages, and beliefs, as we travel across time and space to alternative realities, experiencing the root causes, as well as solutions, to current life frustrations. We straddle multiple worlds, safe and grounded in current reality, while connecting with other realities that have been incomplete. To the surprise of my clients, but no longer to mine, elaborate past life experiences come to life, always in the first person, as clients experience themselves in previously unknown situations in the very real now. 
Crystal Dreaming is not about past life regression, although that regularly plays an important role. Past life regression releases the low vibrations of trauma that prevent us from connecting to the higher vibrations of our True Selves, allowing us to connect with our teachers, guides, and avatars who are always there to lead us into being who we really are. 
Crystal Dreaming is sacred work, engaging  their connection to the essence of Life itself, which results in a profound experience of bliss and unconditional love that transcends words. 

A safe inner journey to your full potential.

Using a precise alignment of stones arranged in a powerful crystal grid, you are gently led into an altered state, resulting in a profound shift in consciousness while being safely guided through a very personal shamanic journey. 
During this process, you will be assisted in the release of blockages and past life trauma using a variety of techniques, including past life regression. The result is a clearing of negative energies and patterns of experience that are affecting your current sense of well-being, so that profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing may occur. 
Crystal Dreaming opens channels to the spirit world, facilitating inter-dimensional travel. From this state, life-changing positive and immediate results are possible. This advanced technique allows you to explore various aspects of reality, gaining clarity of purpose while giving you the opportunity to integrate with your Higher Self as you consciously align with your life plan. 

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Learn more about this modality from the creator, Raym Richards or licensed instructor Jude Smith.

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